Seed Stage – Establish Strategic Vision


Develop overall strategic vision and project goals

  • Project Visioning
    • Identify key ideas and goals that Client (e.g. Developer, Non-Profit, Investor) is looking to achieve.
  • Highest and Best Use Studies
    • Establish which alternatives from a list of options will yield best total return to the Client.
  • Feasibility Studies
    • Investigate whether Client’s proposed vision can be confirmed and achieved within an economically viable timeframe.
  • Value Enhancement Strategies
    • Review existing choices under consideration by Client and help derive new concepts that better align with critical goals.

Sprout Stage – Determine Main Options


Identify range of alternatives that propel vision forward

  • Operating Structures
    • Create innovative approaches to satisfy specific Client needs on an individual project basis
  • Public/Private Partnerships
    • Identify potential organizations that Client can form a long-term relationship to achieve its range of goals.
  • Developer Selection
    • Manage RFQ/RFP process to help direct Client in identifying most qualified Private Partner.
  • Innovative Financing
    • Assist Client in identifying alternative capital resources to help execute project within unique constraints.

Sapling Stage – Oversee Implementation


Consolidate all details into a comprehensive plan

  • Project Oversight
    • Act as chief advocate for Client’s interests to ensure proposed solution remains true to original concept.
  • Operating Budget
    • Create a real-time tracking mechanism for Client to verify all parties are meeting their individual obligations
  • Dispute Resolution
    • Assist Client to manage through disagreements with various project partner and stakeholders.
  • Operational Efficiencies
    • Determine unique approaches that will help Client bring project to fruition on-time and within budget guidelines

Tree Stage – Manage Long-Term Returns


Measure success against initial critical benchmarks

  • Stakeholder Interface
    • Help direct Client’s on-going relationship building with various internal and external constituencies.
  • Portfolio Oversight
    • Assist Client in assessing proper time period to hold various assets before selling for enhanced returns.
  • Reinvestment Strategies
    • Establish where Client should allocate scarce resources between competing projects.
  • Cost Management
    • Identify areas where Client can obtain additional value through minor modifications in materials or design.

We specialize in business transformation

NCA has developed a proprietary approach that assists its clients in moving a realestate project from initial concept to portfolio oversight.