Welcome to all Real Estate owners, investors, developers and users that are looking for answers in the dynamic marketplace of 2011 and beyond. My name is Curtis Battles and I serve as Chief Advisor for New Canaan Advisors LLC; a leading Real Estate Advisory firm in the Northeastern U.S.

I have spent the past twenty years in the Commercial Real Estate industry prior to starting my own successful enterprise. During that time period I have been involved in a broad range of projects both large and small for both public and private clients. I have been blessed to help lead two iconic projects: Grand Central Terminal Redevelopment and World Trade Center Redevelopment.

My expertise spans asset management, development, consulting, operations improvement, property management, strategic planning and tenant representation to list a few areas. Hence, I feel confident in being able to identify new market trends as they come to the surface. I am starting THE REAL VISION BLOG as a way of looking at major issues that will ultimately affect the value of commercial properties, land and future development in this region. Indeed, I intend to put forth my unique perspective on a broad spectrum of topics that I perceive have a significant impact on the demand for commercial and mixed-­‐use space.

The idea is to draw your attention to the challenges that we collectively face and provide useful and practical solutions for helping manage the value of your real estate assets. Some of the subjects I choose may seem obvious while others may indeed be a major surprise.

The range of issues will focus on six key topics and include a sampling of the following areas:

  • Asset Management
    What low–‐cost enhancements can I make to a commercial property in order to increase its sale attractiveness?
  • Development
    What categories of commercial real estate are likely to be in the highest demand over the next five years?  
  • Investing Options
    How do you find “good values” in today’s turbulent market with some many foreclosed properties?
  • Regional Trends
    How soon will there be net job growth in this area to stimulate additional space needs for corporate users?
  • Value Enhancement
    What alternatives uses are there for a current property that is under performing its financial targets?
  • Other Issues
    What are alternative housing options to provide emergency shelter after natural disasters?

Furthermore, when other issues arise that impact commercial real estate they will be followed as well. I hope that you will check back often to enjoy my wit and wisdom that bring further light to this broad market area.

This is the initial posting for The Real Vision Blog. Its aim is to bring forth thought provoking ideas about “The Keys To Unlocking Future Value In Real Estate”. The primary focus will be on dynamic commercial property management, effective land use, sustainable development and prudent investment opportunities.