SS United States Will Sail Again!

{2:50 minutes to read] The SS United States, a 60-year-old ship that holds the Blue Riband speed record between the US and England, has been slowly rusting away in a Philadelphia dry dock. In recent years, this national treasure, a once-majestic ocean liner famous in the ’50s and ’60s, was at the point where it […]

SS United States

The iconic transatlantic cruiser, the SS United States celebrated its 60th birthday last year. Built at the height of the cold war with a conglomeration of federal and private money, the SS United States was designed to accommodate up to 10,000 troops; measuring 1,000 feet long with a slender frame. Now cleaned out of interior […]

SS United States Redevelopment Project

Last Friday evening (15 June 2012), the SS United States Conservancy (@SSUSC) hosted a celebration to honor the 60-year Anniversary of the ship’s first voyage on 4 July 1952 from NYC.  Friends and supporters of the SS United States gathered at Philadelphia’s Independence Seaport Museum. See media coverage of the event here … SS United […]