What is the 2nd Century Master Development Plan?

{3:48 minutes to read} Historic Union Station in Washington, D.C., which opened in 1908, is a classic Beaux-Arts building designed by famed architect Daniel Burnham. Since the peak of its demand during the mid-20th century, the station has undergone significant restoration, transforming it into the commercial success it is today.

Roads vs. Rails: Which is the better investment?

{3:50 minutes to read} Across the country, many states are facing an epidemic: the basic infrastructure is aging rapidly. Bridges, highways, and railroads often need to be replaced or undergo major repairs. This challenge is here to stay until it’s resolved across the country. It’s a hot topic for debate, especially in large metropolitan areas.

What Can We Learn about Updating Infrastructure from the Nutmeg State?

{3:45 minutes to read} One of the key obstacles Connecticut faces is that its economy has been growing very slowly over the past decade. Furthermore, corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs feel it is very expensive to maintain their operations here. A number of challenges come with keeping a business in Connecticut including: budget deficits, excess […]

How Can You Keep a City’s Character While Preparing for 21st Century Needs?

  {Time to read: 4:10 minutes} Last year, the City of Stamford, Connecticut began a long journey to update and improve it’s “2024 Master Plan.” This document is a “roadmap” for future real estate development and major infrastructure upgrades in the city. City officials and other interested parties have high hopes that the project will […]

The Booming Market of Elder Care

{Time to read: 2:25 minutes} Over the last month, I’ve been having conversations with a colleague who acquired a home care assistant franchise in the lower Fairfield County area. With the population aging, baby boomers are becoming elder boomers. Many of them have disposable income and want to make sure they can stay in their […]

Why Must Business Leaders Often Fail in Order to Succeed?

{Time to read: 4 minutes} Many entrepreneurs and corporate executives are often faced with tough decisions to make, but they don’t always have a team of trusted advisors at their disposal. Vistage International, based out of San Diego, is an organization that brings ‘C level’ executives together for monthly meetings to network with centers of […]

How to keep your organization attractive to younger generations in the 21st century

Today, many Congregations, Synagogues and Mosques are seeing a decline in their membership and active participation. This is mainly due to changing demographics where the core membership is aging and attendance is down. A challenge for any denomination is determining how to attract younger members from Gen X and Gen Y to reinvigorate their community. […]

Are You a Confident Leader?

Leaders must have the confidence to continue growing and learning if they want their team to follow suit. This was just one of the lessons I took away from a leadership development seminar I attended recently called L2 (Learn, Lead). This seminar was sponsored by leadership guru John Maxwell, who has a new book called […]

What innovative ideas have come to you in a dream?

Innovative ideas can come to you in a dream. I have a new client, an arts consultant, who works with corporations to evaluate the art they have hanging throughout their headquarters and other facilities. She helps organize their collection, like how they should rotate it and if they should use fine art (originals) or poster […]

Considering relocating your business? Think outside the box!

How do you decide where your business home base should be? Think outside the box and consider the technological infrastructure and tax rates of potential areas. At a recent meeting I attended, technology experts from Connecticut talked about the fact that there are markets – Austin and Chattanooga – where connectivity is much faster than […]