SS United States

The iconic transatlantic cruiser, the SS United States celebrated its 60th birthday last year. Built at the height of the cold war with a conglomeration of federal and private money, the SS United States was designed to accommodate up to 10,000 troops; measuring 1,000 feet long with a slender frame. Now cleaned out of interior […]

Reimagining a New York Neighborhood

Harlem is a mélange of old and new. Famous for countless historic brownstones and one former president, the neighborhood is in the midst of a second renaissance. Old buildings that have fallen into disrepair are being reinvigorated, while new structures are being erected, enticing residents from all of New York’s boroughs to relocate to Manhattan […]

Grand Central Station: Reimagining the Future

When I last left you I was perched on scaffolding, 150 feet above the hard floor of the main concourse in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The unique ceiling of constellations had become stained with cigarette smoke over the station’s lifetime, and as part of a new renovation in the 1990’s, we were there to […]