Curt Battles,, discusses lessons learned at a leadership conference. Leaders must have the confidence to continue growing and learning if they want their team to follow suit.

This was just one of the lessons I took away from a leadership development seminar I attended recently called L2 (Learn, Lead). This seminar was sponsored by leadership guru John Maxwell, who has a new book called Good Leaders Ask Great Questions. It’s about people in senior roles asking great questions to obtain the most information they can, in order to effectively lead their team.

There were speakers in Atlanta presenting through simulcast to where I was in Stamford. Some of the presenters included Maxwell, as well as Linda Kaplan Thaler and Tim Sanders, who has written books about the power of harnessing total confidence, how to win at business and influence friends, and more.

The seminar also included the equivalent of six Ted Talks, with topics ranging from emotional intelligence to dressing for success to the experience of someone whose plane was diverted to Greenland during 9/11.

One of the speakers said that grit is the best predictor of success and failure helps propel you forward. She said you have to take risks and be willing to fail. My takeaway was that I can use my personal fortitude to not let anything stop me from achieving my goals.

As a leader, it’s incumbent upon you to continually improve. The amount of effort you put into making yourself better is how much effort your team will see you putting into making them better. On a scale of 1 to 10, if you’re only putting out an effort of 5, your team will probably do the same.

If your team sees you putting out an effort level of 8 or 9 – learning new things, reading self-improvement books and discussing different articles you’ve read – they will try to match that level.

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Curtis C. Battles